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  • ITIL Training


    The Global Standard for IT Excellence.

    The ITIL® courses deliver principles and core elements of IT Service Management (ITSM).
    Courses are delivered using exciting case studies designed to further enhance and cement the candidates understanding
    of ITIL® and ITSM Best Practices.

    ITIL Courses
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    ITIL® provides a service lifecycle approach to IT Service Management Best Practices.

  • IT Governance Training


    Start at the Top.

    The IT Governance courses are developed based on the CobiT 4.1 guidance, provided
    by ISACA. The courses present the concepts of CobiT. Participants will understand the
    differences between Corporate Governance and IT Governance, objectives of the CobiT
    framework, and the concepts and terminology used.

    Governance Courses
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    ISO/IEC20000 certification is awarded companies after audits are conducted by Registered Certification Bodies which ensures that the company designs, implements and manages an IT Service Management system in line with the requirements of the standard.

  • ISO 20000 Training


    Learn the Native Tongue.

    The ISO/IEC 20000 courses provides insight into the specifications and code of practice for ISO/IEC 20000 and covers the second edition of the standard (ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011) which cancels and replaces the first edition (ISO/IEC 20000-1:2005).

    ISO 20000 Courses
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    ISO/IEC 20000 certification is awarded a Registered Certification Body, which ensures that a service provider designs, implements and manages an IT Service Management system in line with the requirements of the ISO/IEC 20000 standard.

  • ISO/IEC 27000 Training


    Secure Your Workplace.

    The ISO27002 standard was formerly known as the ISO17799 standard, and is a code of practice for information security. It outlines eleven security categories, with several control objectives and a wide range of controls. They may be implemented under the framework provided within ISO 27001. It outlines hundreds of potential controls and control mechanisms and may be implemented under the guidance provided within ISO27001.

    ISO/IEC 27000 Courses
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    The ISO27002 provides an understanding of information security controls as part of a broader information security or IT responsibility.

  • Cloud Training


    Learn to Fly with Cloud Power!

    The Cloud Computing courses introduces key benefits and challenges along with creating a cloud computing action plan, ensuring that participants are prepared for cloud computing success.

    Cloud Courses
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    Cloud computing describes a new delivery model for IT services and it typically involves over-the-Internet provision of dynamically scalable and often virtualized resources.

  • Lean Six Sigma Training


    Bring Mathematical Precision to Your Processes — and Your Bottom Line.

    The Lean Six Sigma courses teach participants how to apply the concepts and techniques required for successful process improvement as well as their impact on any organization: higher quality, lower costs and improved customer satisfaction.

    Lean Six Sigma Courses
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    Lean Six Sigma seeks to improve the quality of process outputs by identifying and removing the causes of defects in business processes using a set of quality management methods.

  • Lean IT Training


    Shape Your Business with Lean IT.

    The Lean IT courses teach all elements of the Lean IT framework. After completion of the training, participants will be able to participate effectively in a Lean IT transformation program.

    Lean IT Courses
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    Lean IT is applied to transform IT organizations to a customer-focused, efficient and transparent IT organization that can deliver sustainable results to the business.